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We must become a property owning democracy and fundamental to that is spreading growth around the UK – if we don’t the Conservative and Unionist Party has no purpose

  • We must do more to ensure the whole country shares in the hard-won prosperity we are achieving, which is why I want to keep HS2.
  • Naturally, we should look for efficiencies in the HS2 project but we shouldn’t be scared of the ambition we’ve set ourselves.
  • London is a fantastic city, but the UK has become a victim of its success because of it. We should be doing far more to address regional imbalances and look at what is being done in countries that have a similar problem, such as Japan.
  • We can take the Northern Powerhouse and the Midlands Engine to the next level by spreading more opportunities to other major growing cities in the country, such as Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham.
  • Whitehall must move away from the Home Office mentality of dealing with problems through bans or prescriptive regulatory requirements.
2.Property ownership
  • The Conservative and Unionist Party supports capitalism yet fewer and fewer people own capital. That must be addressed.
  • My ambition to be more muscular about addressing regional imbalances will make homes more affordable in the South East and London. But only if we are bold enough.
  • If people don’t feel the need to come to London then demand for property will reduce in the South East which will do a great deal to address the housing crisis afflicting this specific region of the UK.
  • We don’t have a national housing crisis in the UK, it is regional and Jeremy Corbyn’s policies to build government owned homes and have people rent from the state isn’t a solution.
  • People want a stake in society and aspire to be in control of their own lives – not controlled by government.
  • We’ve had enough tinkering around the edges on this issue and the only way to sort it is by addressing the geographical economic imbalances that haven’t been taken seriously enough in the past.
3.Make work pay
  • Already, we are seeing income increase in real terms because the hard choices we made in the difficult years following the financial crash are paying off.
  • People claimed that the National Living Wage would result in an increase in unemployment levels but they were proved wrong.
  • I would seek to increase the National Living Wage to a level beyond the current £8.21 an hour so that nobody is on low pay in the UK by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development standards. That would mean increasing it to 66% of median income over time, or £9.61 an hour in current money.
  • If analysis from the Office of National Statistics tells us that giving hardworking people earning the National Living Wage a well-earned pay rise of £1.40 an hour won’t have a material impact on unemployment rates then we should give them one. And fast.
  • We should use the proceeds of growth to invest in Work Allowances in Universal Credit to help families keep more of what they earn.
  • We should focus tax cuts on those on lower and middle incomes, not those at the top.