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I care deeply about the fundamental social issues that will shape our future and as Conservatives we must conserve what is working in society but be bold in our efforts to tackle the things that are not

1.Social care for older people
  • We need to get on with putting the recommendations of the Dilnot Commission into action.
  • Social care for older people is an extremely important issue that we need to get right as a society. The current system isn’t working as well as it could, and the mission to get this issue right has been parked in government for too long.
  • The overarching conclusions of the Dilnot Commission, to cap what people have to pay, are the right ones and I won’t delay in putting them into practice.
2.Getting more disabled people into work
  • Only 46.5% of working-age disabled people are employed and a large percentage of the rest want to work.
  • I have always been passionate about this issue and have been working on it for over a decade now from my time as Shadow Minister for Disabled People when the Conservatives were in Opposition, then as Minister of State for Disabled People under Prime Minister David Cameron.
  • I now chair the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Learning Disability and continue to do all I can to highlight the importance of this issue.
  • Getting disabled people who want to work into employment will reduce the need for immigration too. Post-Brexit we shouldn’t take the easy route of attracting large numbers of EU citizens to come to the UK, we should empower disabled people already here who want to move into employment.
3.Stronger action on the environment
  • I’ve supported my colleague’s Private Members’ Bill on setting a target to ensure the UK has net zero carbon emissions by 2050. We should make it law.
  • The government needs to think more about tackling environmental issues with credible policy prescriptions that are long-term.
  • On clean air, for example, Local Authorities have been left to their own devices which could create disparities around the country and create costly logistical complexities for businesses transporting goods.
  • These businesses want non-diesel HGVs but a market for them does not exist yet – the government should help with that. This is just a small example of why Whitehall needs to think more strategically about the environment.