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Three years after people voted to leave the European Union, it’s clear that the current top team haven’t delivered.

I was there in cabinet when we gave the British people that once in a generation decision, in or out, and I am absolutely committed to delivering on the result. So if it’s a choice between leaving without a deal or never leaving at all – I will choose to leave and I will make sure that we take every step necessary to ensure that we are in a position to do so if the time comes.

My clear preference, however, is to leave the EU with a deal and I believe that I have a plan to ensure that we do. That means re-opening the doors of Number 10 and reuniting our party behind a new strategy. And yes, that means getting rid of the backstop.

It means strengthening our relationship with all communities and political parties in the island of Ireland, addressing their concerns and re-assuring them on our commitments to maintain the peace. And it means setting the right relationship with our partners in the European Union, recognising that it is in the interests of both sides to forge a positive future together.

Leaving the European Union is the only way that we can heal our party, unite our country and move on to defeating Jeremy Corbyn at the next election.

Don’t get me wrong – these three tasks are going to be difficult. But as someone who sat round the cabinet table three years ago and was a Minister for six years, I know what needs to be done and how to do it. To work with colleagues in Parliament, as I did when I was Chief Whip, and get the job done.

So stand with me, let’s deliver Brexit and then let’s take our country forwards.